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Building your brand – OUTSIDE

Once you have a logo it should be everywhere! Putting it on the outside of your building and on company vehicles is an essential part of your marketing – it is great advertising.

A well designed sign can really help elevate your business. It acts as a silent salesperson drawing attention and helping you stand out from your competitors.

Exterior signs can be ground or building mounted. A ground sign can be made bespoke to your company. They can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes and are commonly used close to a road to attract as much passing trade as possible. When a vibrant sign catches a potential client’s attention, it becomes embedded in their minds, so the next time they require what you’re selling, they know where to come. You can also have building mounted signs that can be attached to various different parts of your building and again they need to be striking to catch the attention of either the passing motorists or people walking by.

You can also make good use of a sign in magnetic form, this version is great to use on the side of a vehicle to serve as a great way of mobile advertising getting your name out to as many people as possible, and then taking it back off when you are not working.

One thing to remember is that signs are visible to potential clients all day, every day and after the one off cost to design and construct them there are no additional costs – they just keep on advertising for you.

Take a look at our new signs that we designed in our design studio – they are on the building, freestanding and on our delivery van. We have already seen the difference these new signs have made – people are coming to our building to talk to us about work just because they have noticed the new signs!

If you require any help or information on having a sign designed and constructed please give us a call on 01642 206206.

We are happy to help.


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